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Out of the glass vase

7 unusual containers for country style flower arrangements

Think outside the box and look around your kitchen when choosing a vase to display cottage garden flowers such as peonies, wildflowers, dahlias, or mixed perennials and annuals .

1. Baskets of flowers

Whether thrifted or bought at the craft store, baskets add a touch of country charm to any arrangement. A bucket, a plastic ice cream container or a simple glass vase may serve as an insert. Squeeze in a ball of double chicken wire; it will hold the flowers very naturally. Oversize baskets make a big statement, but a small basket works well if filled tight.

Read the how-to of this Peonies in a basket arrangement.

2. Crocks by any other name

Antique 2 or 3 gallon crocks with some patina, even with the occasional chips, are lovely when filled packed with seasonal blooms. Because crocks are often deep, use a smaller plastic bucket. If needed, elevate it by placing underneath another container upside down.

3. Flowers by the buckets

An old painted bucket or an antique bushel become big centerpieces for stunning floral displays.

4. Mix up flowers in bowls

Get the cake mix out of the bowl and the flowers in. A kenzan (or Japanese metal pin flower holder) will hold the flowers straight out of a vintage or new salad bowl.

5. Bean pots for the win

Use a vintage bean pot as vase with a kenzan or double chicken wire. Display the cover next to it and dress the table with a gingham runner or a lovely tablecloth.

6. Fruit bowls for colors

Overflow a glass fruit bowl with flowers. A kenzan or a glass frog work better than florist’s moss when a clear glass bowl is selected.

7. Homerun for the pitchers

A classic white ironstone pitcher of any size or a funky ceramic modern carafe are the easiest go-to vase for a simple flower arrangement on a kitchen’s counter or window ledge.

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