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Same flowers, different styles: One arrangement, three unique containers

To demonstrate the importance of the vase in which I place a floral arrangement, I crafted a zinnia and sunflower arrangement and showcased it in three different containers.

The vibe or mood that can be created with a container for a floral arrangement largely depends on the characteristics of the container and the flowers being used. The container can enhance or contrast with the flowers, creating different vibes.

For example, a sleek and modern container can create a contemporary and sophisticated vibe, while a rustic or vintage container can create a more natural and relaxed atmosphere. A brightly colored container can bring a cheerful and energetic vibe to a room. Inversely, a muted or neutral container can create a calming and peaceful ambiance.

Moreover, the container also complement or contrast with the color scheme of the flowers. A monochromatic arrangement in a matching container can create a harmonious and cohesive vibe. On the other hand, contrasting colors or textures can create a bold and dynamic vibe.

One arrangement, three unique containers

In this example, I chose to place the flowers in an ice cream container. I filled it with chicken wire anchored with a kenzan at the bottom.

This allowed me to switch containers and offer my Instagram followers three distinct composition styles, all within the same setting of the breakfast nook. I opted for three diverse bowls: a vintage mixing bowl from a thrift store, an antique earthenware bowl sourced from an estate sale, and a modern Portuguese salad bowl discovered in the clearance aisle of HomeSense. The latter imparts a summery vibe, while the gold bowl ushers in a more autumnal feel. And you’re right in guessing that I have a penchant for using unusual or unconventional containers!

I kept the mood in the farmhouse or cottage style proper to the decor, selecting a different table runner and a throw to correspond to the color scheme.

Which one would be your favorite?

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  1. Amy
    August 30, 2023 at 11:58 pm

    It is intersting how changes in container change the arrangement! Just love these cut flowers.

    • August 31, 2023 at 11:30 am

      Thanks Amy! This is what I wanted to demonstrate! – Céline