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Zinnias and sunflowers
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To demonstrate the importance of the vase in which I place a floral arrangement, I crafted a zinnia and sunflower arrangement and showcased it in three different containers. The vibe or mood that can be created with a container for a floral arrangement largely depends on the characteristics of the

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The best companion plants for a peony border Is peony season too short for you and you are worried to dedicate a border to peonies only? First, plan to buy peonies that are early to late season bloomers. And then carefully add bulbs, annuals and perennials to your design. If

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Two favorite, zinnias and cosmos, are easy-to grow annuals to bring colors and joy in your sunny garden and arrangements Voir cette publication sur Instagram Une publication partagée par Céline| Country Home & Blooms (@countryhomeandblooms) 1. A to Z with zinnias Zinnias are the perfect flowers for resilience and bright

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