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A retrospective gallery about my garden

We acquired our nearly 6-acres, semi-wooded property in equestrian country West of Montréal, Québec, 7 years ago. Since then, in the respect of the existing landscape punctuated by magnificent specimens of mature trees, we are creating a country-style garden, while pursuing our respective passions: peonies, dahlias and ornamental flowering plants for me, bonsai trees for my husband. I hope you will enjoy these garden views of the different areas of our gardens.

The entrance gardens

When entering the property, a long sinuous driveway gives a view of mature white pines, red oaks and crabapples on a perfectly manicured lawn.

The shade garden

Under the shade provided by tall maples, a strip of borders hosts a collection of hostas and other shade-loving perennials.

The peony garden

The peonies are the stars of this area. It is my little piece of heaven on earth. Mixed with lilies, daylilies and a few other perennials, more than 150 peony plants bloom in cascading weeks from late May to the end of June. Currently under expansion, the peony garden will eventually contain 7-9 borders designed harmoniously.

The secret garden

Hidden behind the dapple willows and the peony borders, hundreds of annual flowers add colors and textures to floral arrangements for the home.

The woody borders

Along the wooded patch mid-way to the house, borders are getting established with hostas, astilbes, foxgloves, hydrangeas and rhododendrons.

The dahlias

Two large borders in an ancient paddock host 250 dahlias planted annually.

The herb and kitchen border

A border next to the dahlias serves as a small herb and kitchen garden to the joy of bees, bumblebees and butterflies.

The house

At the end of the 600 foot driveway, humble foundation plantings are planned with seasonal interests, enhancing the simple white house with dark green shutters and roof.

The David Easterbrook Bonsai Collection

The largest private collection of bonsai trees in Canada is David Easterbrook’s showcase, master bonsai expert and former curator of the bonsai collection at the Montreal Botanical Garden. As a result, the c. 600 specimens displayed are mostly hardy conifers and deciduous trees,

The backyard

With the background of a mixed forest, the backyard islands boast mixed perennials for all summer-long visual interest.


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  1. Benoit Lapalme
    May 4, 2022 at 1:57 am

    Un jardin d’Eden… la passion est aussi chez toi!