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What is it all about?

Seven ways to transition your decor from the Christmas extravaganza to a Winter vibe.

1- Go simpler

While removing the Holiday decor, it may be good to simplify the spaces. Fewer accessories, a cleaner, more organized plate to start the year.

2- Choose a neutral palette

An array of neutral colors is quite appropriate after a colorful Holiday decor. Soft blues or greens, or navy blue, are easy to match with accessories.

3- Evoke the outdoor elements

For the nortern climate, snowflakes or white elements bring a sense of continuity between the outdoor and the indoor.

4- Add coziness

Added throws or pillows are good at anytime but the cozier they are, the better.

5- Get nature in

Time to decorate organically by displaying branches and dried flowers in crocks or beautiful vases.

6- Add green plants

Green plants can add instant tropical warmth in the decor.

7- Embellish with seasonal blooms

Among flowering plants blooming in Winter, amaryllis, paper whites, cyclamen and kalanchoe are affordable and may stay in beautiful for many weeks.

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