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My top 16 most popular Instagram bonsai posts

No wonder the beautiful bonsai trees of David Easterbrook’s collection occasionally featured on my feed get tons of attention.

My husband David is a bonsai master. Retired after 30 years of curatorship of the Montreal Botanical Garden’s bonsai collection _one of the most important miniature trees’ collection outside of Asia, David is still active with his own private collection and teaching the art and practice of bonsai. You may follow David’s social media on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Non tropical trees are not supposed to be grown indoor. David’s trees are grown outdoor all summer long. During winter, non hardy and deciduous trees are kept in the bonsai studio at a temperature just above freezing, while hardy conifers spend the cold months in a giant outdoor box under the snow.

I enjoy however having his trees visiting indoor for a few days at a time. When it happens, I showcase and style the trees in the decor and share the photos on Instagram, along with the occasional cats. Here is a retrospective of 16 posts among the most popular, in no particular order. I may have skipped one or two, do not hesitate to scroll down my Instagram feed to discover all of them.

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